Competency Framework Development

Competency Framework Development

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Far too often, business improvement efforts concentrate more on process and technology; while essentially ignoring the people aspect of the change initiative. Research shows that approximately three quarters of business process re-engineering efforts do not achieve their objectives due to their failure to analyze the required competencies necessary to sustain changes that follow after project.

Job Analysis is the critical process whereby the primary accountabilities of a job and the key performance indicators against which performance can be assessed are defined. It also clarifies the skills, knowledge, experience and attributes required for successful job performance.

Amongst most organizations, a wide gap often exists between the potential and actual performance of employees in delivering excellent services needed to accomplish organisational objectives. To bridge the gap, organisations need to identify the specific behaviours, skills and knowledge required for exceptional service delivery.

To facilitate this process, Employee Energy helps organisations map and design their organization’s competencies which will help them monitor and manage the skills and competencies across the business.



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