Competency Proficiency Assessments


Competency Proficiency Assessment

For most business leaders, the concern about organizational capability occupies their mind anytime new insight or ideas with the potential of increasing the Firms value proposition to its customers arise. To alleviate this fear, it is normal to turn to the Human Resource function to provide data on actual level of competencies of individuals within the organization.

In most cases, human resources functions have been unable step up to the plate considering their lack of data on the existing skills within the organization. This is largely due to the fact that most organizations’ Human Resources do not possess a system which articulates the expected competencies for job roles within the organization, not to mention having data on actual competencies of employees.

Competency proficiency assessment involved evaluating people along expected behavior, knowledge and skills required to perform within a job role. This approach provides Human Resources, Learning and Development and Business Strategy Professionals with information on actual competency proficiency levels of employees within an organization which in turn is used to develop gap analysis as well as other HR metrics used for effective decision making.

With SkillStation, we assist organizations assess the competence of your staff accurately, and in real time. The software will enable us objectively assess the actual competency proficiency level, by providing different methods of assessment, which are weighted according to their importance or relevance. Our clients who use skillstation are confident in their ability to produce accurate and timely feedback/reports to executives on any matter concerning organizational capability.



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